Riecoin is a currency based on Bitcoin, and follows in its footsteps into becoming a world currency. The Project supports and concretizes the idea that the gigantic mining resources can also serve scientific research, thus power a world currency of greater value for the society.
Learn more about the Project in the Riecoin Whitepaper.

Quick Technical Details

Riecoin has its own blockchain rather than being a token depending on another project such as Ethereum or the Binance Smart Chain. Being similar to Bitcoin, a lot of literature or documentation about it also applies to Riecoin.


Receive and spend RIC with Riecoin Core, a very reliable wallet, though it may take some time to set it up and get used the first time. We are currently working on a simpler wallet.

The link provides binaries for Windows and Linux and a basic setup guide. We will be glad to help you in our discussion channels if you encounter any issue, but please make sure first to have properly followed the instructions and made some reasonable investigation on your side.


Earn Riecoins by doing actual number crunching and supporting the idea of useful mining instead of burning resources for meaningless hashes and contributing to Crypto's bad reputation of wasting energy. Riecoin miners are currently looking for prime constellations, and you can learn more about the subject here.


You can mine RIC with rieMiner. The software allowed the Riecoin Project to beat numerous number theory world records, and you can take part of the competition as well!

Download page for Windows and Linux. Instructions for Pooled and Solo Mining.



Get some more RIC by buying them on trading platforms that have listed Riecoin.

Current Price: 10.3 sat | $0.0063

If you are new to Crypto, it may be complicated to actually buy some RIC as you need to already own cryptocurrencies to trade them for RIC on the current platforms. Some banking services like Revolut may offer the purchase of cryptocurrencies with usual fiat money and withdrawal to an external Address (necessary), so you can buy for example some BTC, USDT or ETH, and then send them to an exchange above and buy RIC with these funds. We need your support to increase the interest in Riecoin and make it much easier to acquire some RIC!

Riecoin BEP20

Riecoin also exists as a wrapped token on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing the use of some DeFi services with RIC. Riecoin BEP20 (RICB) is 1:1 pegged with RIC.

RICB can currently be traded with any other BEP20 token on PancakeSwap. The contract must be entered as token in the swap form. One can also exchange RICB for RIC or vice-versa on XeggeX. You simply send RIC or RICB to your deposit address, then withdraw using the other chain.

The contract is 0xc2097531d6cd4a712ae08f398283a92631dc39f9.

Explorers and Trackers

CryptoID provides a Blockchain Explorer for Riecoin.

Riecoin is tracked on CoinGecko and CoinPaprika. It used to be on CoinMarketCap too, but it has become "Untracked" since years despite still being active.