Riecoin Core

Riecoin Core is the software enabling the use of the Riecoin currency, and notably includes a fully functional wallet. It is a software fork of Bitcoin Core.

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Current version: 24.04 (2024-04-18)
Source code: https://github.com/RiecoinTeam/Riecoin
Release notes: https://riecoin.xyz/Core/24.04

Links to the latest version
Linux x64https://riecoin.xyz/Core/Download/Linux64
Linux Arm64https://riecoin.xyz/Core/Download/LinuxArm64
Windows x64https://riecoin.xyz/Core/Download/Win64
Windows x64 Setuphttps://riecoin.xyz/Core/Download/Win64Setup

Example Download via WGet:

wget --content-disposition https://riecoin.xyz/Core/Download/Linux64


A Bootstrap up to Block 2144058 (2024-05-17) is available (blocks, chainstate, and optional indexes folders). To download it in command line, you can use

wget https://riecoin.xyz/Core/Download/Riecoin.zip

Basic Setup (Riecoin-Qt)

Download the binaries with the links above, choose the right one for your OS. In a zipped folder, go to the bin folder and extract the riecoin-qt or riecoin-qt.exe binary file and start it. On Windows, you can also download the installer and start the program as usual once installed.

When you start Riecoin-Qt for the first time, it will ask you for the data directory, you can choose anything, though it is recommended to let it as is. In particular, it is here that the riecoin.conf file is placed, do not forget this as you may have to create or edit it at some point! By default, the path is

Riecoin Core First Time Screen

Some peers were hard coded, so there is no need to configure anything (AddNode, etc.) if you just want to store, receive and spend coins. Wait a few days to have the wallet fully synced. To skip the syncing until a recent point, a bootstrap that includes blocks up to a recent point is also available above. Once downloaded, put its content (the folders blocks and chainstate) in the Riecoin folder.

Configuration for Solo Mining

Basic (Miner and Riecoin-Qt in the same machine)

Open the riecoin.conf file from the Riecoin directory (create it if not existing). Then, use the following template:




Choose a username and a password for rpcuser and rpcpassword.

For a Miner from another machine

If you wish to mine from another computer, add another rpcallowip=ip.of.the.miningcomputer, or else the miner connection will be refused. You will also need to add the option rpcbind=ip.of.the.server, where ip.of.the.server is the IP of the computer running the Riecoin Core node.

For example, if your computer running Riecoin has the local IP, and you wish to mine with multiple computers from the local network, you can use rpcallowip= to allow all these computers, and also need to add rpcbind= in the riecoin.conf file.

You can read (or return to) the rieMiner's solo mining guide to learn how to configure it and start mining.


If you just want to test Riecoin without involving real money, you can use the Testnet network (the real one is Mainnet). There are two ways to do it: either add testnet = 1 at the beginning of riecoin.conf before running Riecoin Core, or start it in a terminal with the command line option -testnet.

In Testnet, the target block spacing is 5 minutes rather than 2.5. Otherwise, the network obeys the same rules as Mainnet without weird things like the Difficulty becoming minimum if the time between two blocks is too long. Some updates or soft forks may still be enabled earlier on Testnet, though.

Riecoin.xyz Testnet Explorer

Advanced Configuration and Usage

Riecoin Core is based on Bitcoin Core, so if you want to learn more about the riecoin.conf options or the Riecoin Core usage, you can read Bitcoin resources.

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Riecoin users can ask questions on the Forum, which also acts as a FAQ. Create a new topic if none corresponds to your issue. But please make sure first to have properly followed the instructions and made some reasonable investigation on your side.