24.04 Release Notes

Riecoin Core 24.04 was released on April 18 2024. Latest binaries for Riecoin Core are available from: https://riecoin.xyz/Core/.

Please report bugs or open any relevant discussion about Riecoin Core on the Riecoin Forum: https://riecoin.xyz/Forum


Riecoin Core is supported and tested on recent Debian based Linux distributions and Windows 10 and newer. It should also work on most other Unix-like systems, but is not as much tested on them, and full functionality on unsupported systems is not guaranteed.

How to Upgrade

From 23.04

The upgrade from 23.04 is straightforward for most users. Still, consider checking the changes from 23.04 below if you are making advanced use of Riecoin Core (to run a Pool, etc).

From 22.03-

In the case you are still running Riecoin Core 22.03 or older, the upgrade to 23.04+ is not trivial. We invite you to read the 23.04 release notes as the same upgrade process would work for 24.04.

Unlike 23.04, 24.04 is released along a separate Riecoin Wallet Migrator that may be used to migrate Legacy Wallets to Descriptor.

Changes from Riecoin Core 23.04

Here is a list of changes from Riecoin Core 23.04:

Rationales for the changes can be found on this Riecoin Forum Post.

Solo miners, pool and exchange operators should upgrade before May 15 to avoid mining no longer admissible blocks or having a node validating such blocks and possibly ending up in forks during unacceptable timespans.

Other users can worry less about this, but as usual, it is always recommended to upgrade as soon as possible to the newest Riecoin Core version. Upgrading from versions older than the previous one is in most cases possible, but the larger the version difference is, the more difficult, risky, and less supported the upgrade will be. You are responsible for following the latest Riecoin news and upgrading regularly.


Riecoin Core 24.04 Developer List:

Credits are also due for the Bitcoin Developers who contributed from Bitcoin 24.0.1 to 27.0 (see the release notes above).