Riecoin Core Version History

Riecoin was launched on February 11, 2014.

Major Versions

0.10.2 and Older

They were developed by the creator of Riecoin, Gatra, and hosted in riecoin/riecoin. Version before 0.10.2 implemented the original Riecoin protocol. The 0.10.2 version was released on 30 October 2014 and added superblocks with a hard fork at Block 160704. Until 0.16.3, there were no new version.


The 0.16.3 version was mainly developed by clo1 and released on 25 January 2019. The main improvements were the implementation and activation of SegWit and the more recent code base, allowing easier listings to exchanges and easier use with other existing cryptocurrency software and recent operating systems.

Since this version, Riecoin is hosted in the riecointeam/riecoin repository rather than the riecoin/riecoin one, due to Gatra abandoning the project without handing the places over to new Developers.


The 0.20 version was developed by Pttn and released on March 1 2021. This version brought an important PoW update, a new Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm, fixed several design issues and removed the superblocks with a second Hard Fork that successfully occurred on March 29.


This version notably brings the highly anticipated Taproot/Schnorr Signatures Soft Fork.


This version ports the Bitcoin 22.0 improvements and adds a code generator, which can be used for passwordless or 2-factor authentication. It also includes the Bitcoin's Pull Requests 21500 (for exporting Descriptors) and 24058 (for initial Bip 322 message signing support). New wallets can only be Descriptor Wallets, though old Legacy Wallets are still supported.

The versioning is now based on the release date.


See their Release Notes, 23.04, 24.04.

23.04 notably drops Legacy/BDB Wallet support completely. It is no longer possible to generate addresses that are not Bech32. Private keys are now prefixed with prv rather than being plain hexadecimal strings.


Only the latest version is fully supported by the Riecoin Developers. Running older versions may still work, but any issue with them will not be taken care of. It is thus always recommended to upgrade as soon as possible to the newest Riecoin Core version. Upgrading from versions older than the previous one is in most cases possible, but the larger the version difference is, the more difficult, risky, and less supported the upgrade will be.

Here are some general notes in case you are still running an old version: