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New Riecoin PoWs Proposal

Post by Pttn »

Currently, RIecoin is specialized in discovery of interesting prime constellations, which is great and so much better than any hash coin including Bitcoin. However, even though we can beat world records, and research to improve the miner or analysis of the data generated so far may eventually lead to theoretical discoveries, it would be a shame to restrict the project to such a specific domain, and one of the purposes of Riecoin is to provide computational power to scientific research.

For this reason we should start thinking about including new scientific PoWs that would be as useful as the current one if not more, and suitable for the Riecoin blockchain (results hard to produce, easy to verify, etc.). Also, there is always the risk that someone eventually finds a GPU or FPGA/ASIC friendly algorithm, then the idea that everyone can contribute to the Riecoin network and earn in return without having to purchase specialized hardware would have to be given up, so we should have several "backups" if this were to happen.

We are thus open to interesting PoW proposals. Of course the PoW should be pertinent for at least many years, be CPU only, or possibly allow GPU mining as long as they don't get significant advantages over CPUs.
If you are a scientist researching on real work problems and consuming a lot of computational power, and think that you could make good use of the Riecoin mining power by designing a suitable PoW for the Riecoin blockchain, you would be more than welcome to join us and share your ideas, and you will be supported by a project that runs since 2014.

This would also be a long term project as we should have more mining power before adding new PoWs.
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