[Closed] 7th Anniversary Bounty: Develop a Riecoin miner for Android

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[Closed] 7th Anniversary Bounty: Develop a Riecoin miner for Android

Post by Pttn »

Bounty Closed, Unclaimed.

Offered by the Riecoin Project, using the project funds.
Reward: 77,777.77 RIC from ric1qr3yxckxtl7lacvtuzhrdrtrlzvlydane2h37ja
Time Limit: the reward must be claimed here until March 31, 2021.

Conditions: create a great Riecoin mining application for Android based on rieMiner. The source code must be available, be released under the MIT license, and be shown as a fork of Pttn/rieMiner. There must not be any ad, but you may include a developer fee on mining earnings up to 1% if you want. It must receive positive reception from the Riecoin community, and you must maintain it, at least for some time. You must of course add an user friendly interface, prevent any heat damage, provide an Apk that works for recent phones and tablets, etc. Others must be able to easily recreate the Apk, make sure to add clear build instructions. The Apk size should not exceed 10 MB.

The reward must be claimed until March 31. Several people can claim it, but only one person will get the bounty, there will be a community vote if needed. You will receive 7,777.777 RIC if the conditions are met, and then 7,777.777 RIC every month nine more times, but we will stop paying if you stop maintaining the project. Maintaining the project means to be around and reply to the user's requests, fix bugs quickly enough, etc.

Use the rieMiner's Android branch as a starting point and make commits to this branch. Note that if you just create an interface that controls a rieMiner binary, it will not be eligible for the bounty, you must work on the base code and not create separate code to provide the interface and other features (in the sense do not create another repository or branch, but you can add new source files, add or edit functions,...).

Good Luck!
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