This page lists places to trade Riecoin.

Centralized Exchanges

Exchange Paired With Trading Fee (Maker/Taker) BTC Withdrawal Fee RIC Deposit Confirmations RICB Support Privacy Remarks
BTC, USDT, XPE Usually 0.2% Low (100 sats if using LN) 15 Yes Not possible to generate more Deposit Addresses Proposes an interesting Liquidity Pools feature. XPE is the token associated with the exchange.
BTC 0% (see withdrawal fees!) High (0.5% + 0.0006 BTC "processing fee" not mentioned on the fees page!) 25+ No Not possible to generate more Deposit Addresses 0.5% RIC withdrawal fee. Deposits may not be credited before a number of confirmations much larger than the one shown. Frequently puts withdrawals "On Hold" for hours. FXS is the token associated with the exchange and only exists internally.
BTC, USDT (BEP20) 0.4% High 10 No Not possible to generate more Deposit Addresses 0.5 RIC withdrawal fee. EXTO is the token associated with the exchange.

RIC withdrawal fees are negligible, unless mentioned. BTC withdrawal fees are appreciated with "High", "Medium" or "Low" according to the Riecoin Developers' experience with the exchange, no precise value is given since they are often updated. Refer to the corresponding exchange's fee page to see current values.

New Listings

As it stands, there are enough places to trade Riecoin. It is currently more important to improve the liquidity and trading volumes across the existing exchanges that have Riecoin listed, than getting listed on new places and spread even more the liquidity; low liquidity or volumes are common reasons for delistings. Only once the metrics are high enough and the community can afford it, the Riecoin Project shall consider new listings, on higher tiered exchanges.

This does not mean that exchanges interested in listing Riecoin should not do so. New listings on exchanges that are at least on par (popularity, trading volumes,...) with the best exchanges having Riecoin listed are welcomed. Simply, the Project is not actively looking for new listings for now, and exchange representatives should not contact the Riecoin Developers regarding this unless the listing is done for free.

If you are the owner of an exchange who supports the Riecoin's aspirations, and are willing to support/sponsor the Project (with concrete contributions or donations to the Project, or perks on the exchange side such as generalized RIC pairs, free trading fees when buying RIC, etc), a listing and partnership can be considered.

Riecoin BEP20

Riecoin also exists as a wrapped token on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing the use of some DeFi services with RIC. Riecoin BEP20 (RICB) is 1:1 pegged with RIC.

RICB can currently be traded with any other BEP20 token on PancakeSwap. The contract must be entered as token in the swap form. One can also exchange RICB for RIC or vice-versa on XeggeX. You simply send RIC or RICB to your deposit address, then withdraw using the other chain.

The contract is 0xc2097531d6cd4a712ae08f398283a92631dc39f9.
84 million RICB have been minted, they are initially owned by the contract creator, then once a while put in circulation depending on the new services using RIC(B) or the demand. Unused RICB will eventually be burnt once there is no more reason to put more RICB in circulation. There is no way to mint new RICB and increase the total supply.

The RIC Donation Address ric1pv3mxn0d5g59n6w6qkxdmavw767wgwqpg499xssqfkjfu5gjt0wjqkffwja is a current proof of reserves, and the circulating RICB shall never be more than the reserves.

There are currently 500000 RICB in circulation.

Notable Liquidity Pools

If you can afford it, you are welcomed to add liquidity to existing pools, or create new pools, to make trading of RIC and RICB more attractive, thus increasing trading volumes and interest in Riecoin and incentivizing people and bots to trade with RICB rather than another token.

Pair With Trackers
BTCB CoinMarketCap, DexTools
BSC-USD (USDT BEP20) CoinMarketCap, DexTools
XPE CoinMarketCap, DexTools

Other Places

Riecoin is available on the Komodo Platform/Wallet. Make sure to use the RIC-Segwit or RIC-BEP20 Asset and not RIC.